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Spring 2020 Koala Tree Planting

Landholders across the Pittsworth District are invited to put in an expression of interest to participate in the Spring Koala Tree Planting project.

The Pittsworth District Landcare Association's 'Corridors for Koalas' project is all about providing habitat for koalas and their safe movement across the landscape. Landcare has received funding from the Queensland Government Community Sustainability Action Grant to deliver on-ground tree plantings.

The next instalment of the project aims to plant 1,800 trees in Spring of 2020. As part of the funding agreement, Landcare is seeking the commitment of landholders by 20 September 2020. Seedlings are scheduled to arrive in late October.

If you are interested in planting trees, Landcare has a non-binding agreement form to demonstrate a commitment to the project and to help with the allocation of trees.

If you are interested, please contact - Amanda 0419 938 130 or Alastair 4693 2215

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