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Landcare Local Wildlife Photo Competition


$500 prize money

Send your snap of any bird insect animal (must be identified)

With students learning at home, May 2020 seems a good time to encourage families to learn more about the creatures in their backyard.

Pittsworth Landcare is offering $500 in prizemoney to photographers, young and old, to submit their snaps of local wildlife taken at their place - urban or rural.

There’s $100 first prize for each of three sections: primary school, secondary school and adult.

The photos must have been taken between March 1 and May 30 this year in the Pittsworth district.

Entries close on Sunday May 31. They should be emailed to, along with correct identification and up to 30 words of information.

Pittsworth Landcare secretary Lana Bradshaw said the photos could be of any creature on the home property.

“It could be anything from ants to kangaroos - ants, birds, butterflies, lizards, flies - anything but not pets or domestic livestock,” Ms Bradshaw said.

“It’s important the creature is identified correctly. If all else fails, check out Bush Blitz or other online resources.”

There is no entry fee. Limit of three images per person. Images may be used by Pittsworth Landcare for educational or promotional purposes.

Happy snapping in your backyard!


Autumn in my Backyard What - a photo of a creature that lives in the Pittstworth district - animal, bird or insect - creature to be identified and described (up to 30 words) Who - three sections - primary, secondary, adult When - photo taken in March, April or May 2020, closes 31 May 2020 How - email to Why - $100 first prize in each section, and three $50 prizes for highly commended, any section

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