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Community Survey Koala App Launched

The Community Survey Koala App is now open for business!

Pittsworth District Landcare Association has developed its own Community Survey Koala App to record sighting details on the run. There is no other App quite like it!

The Fulcrum App is designed for GPS enabled mobile devices and can be used to collect records all year round. The App easily records location, pictures and a few particulars that ensures that the data generated is consistent and scientifically robust.

The App works without internet coverage and synced when back in range.

The Community Survey Koala App is a Fulcrum App which is created byDesert Channels Queensland, who have generously offered the App for free.

There are currently very limited details on the local Pittsworth Koala population known nationally. So it is important that we can share what we know about our local population in order to showcase and protect them.

Fulcrum App_Map_Picture.png

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