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About the Project


Koalas in Our Backyards is an initiative of the Pittsworth District Landcare Association to raise awareness of koalas, record their whereabouts, and encourage urban and rural landholders to provide habitat for koalas in their backyards.


Koalas are local residents of Pittsworth town and surrounding district.  Over time, clearing, drought, predation, road fatality and disturbance have impacted on koala populations in urban and rural areas.  It is hoped that by raising awareness of koala presence, and providing information on how we can co-exist, more people will take the next step and welcome koalas in their backyards.  


The project involves community members participating in an annual survey to help us better understand where koalas are living.  Habitat and food trees are being planted in both urban and rural areas by landholders, with a focus on plantings to link landscapes and hotspots.  


Pittsworth District Landcare Association has received funding and support from a range of sources including local businesses, Toowoomba Regional Council, Condamine Alliance and the Queensland Government.


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