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Growing Koala Habitat


About the Koala Tree Planting Project

The Koala Tree Planting Project involves landholders planting trees to grow koala habitat, targeting known koala locations and linking landscapes, in both Pittsworth town and surrounding rural areas.


The current tree planting activities build on historic plantings supported by Landcare across the district in 2002.



Annual Tree Planting

Tree planting activities are carried out in Autumn. An ecologist has informed us about suitable species and site locations for the best planting outcomes. Funding has enabled the provision of tree stock, guards, stakes, fertiliser and mulch. 


Since 2013, over 10,000 trees have been planted across 160 sites in the Pittsworth District.



Next Tree Planting

The next tree planting will be in Autumn 2019. Expression of interest are invited by 30 September 2018.  


Landcare supplies the tree stock, guards, stakes, fertiliser and mulch.  


Landholders are responsible for site preparation, planting the trees, watering and maintaining trees for the best chance of survival.


Equipment including a water trailer is available for the project.


Please contact us to register your interest in planting trees. Complete the form and return to



Tree Planting Invitation Letter 2019


Tree Planting EOI Agreement Form Autumn 2019 Due 30 September 2018

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