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Community Koala Survey


About the Community Koala Survey


The Community Koala Survey is conducted annually by the Pittsworth District Landcare Association to better understand koala populations in the local district and inform actions to help them thrive.


The Community Koala Survey is designed to bring together local knowledge to indicate the locations and numbers of koalas in the district.  Information on the health of koalas sighted is also collected.  These are all important indications as to the health and condition of the koala population in and around the towns and rural poperties in the district.


There are different ways that information is collected for the Survey:



Annual Koala Surveys


The Survey is conducted on a day toward the end of Winter when koalas are most active.


The Community Koala Survey is completed using an online form.  It is simple and very easy to complete.


Next Survey Date will be Saturday 27 August 2016.


Complete 2016 survey here



Survey Results


Community Koala Survey Results 20122013, 2014, 2015


Summary of results

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