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Native Seed Collection


Sourcing local seed

The Koala Tree Planting Project involves landholders planting trees for koalas.  So it is important that the trees planted are koala browse species and locally occuring.


An ecologist has been involved in the project to ensure that appropriate species are selected for the koalas, the specific sites, and for greater biodiversity and landscape benefits.  


Seed is sourced locally where possible, as the parent trees have already adapted to the local conditions and soils giving seedlings the best chance of survival. Ensuring genetic diversity is also an important factor when considering collecting local seed stock.  



Volunteer native seed collection

In October 2014, Sarah Caldwell from Mole Station Nursery with the help of six local landholders, collected seed for upcoming tree planting projects.  In particular Mount Coolibah (Eucalytputs orgadophila) seed was collected as stock had been in short supply.  The volunteers found ample seed in supply at perfect maturity. 


Sarah shared her knowledge and skills for successful seed collecting and native revegetation projects with the group of landholders who generously provided their time and access to their trees.  





For further information about how to identify, collect, store and germinate native seeds Florabank is a good starting resource available. 


Florabank - Native Seed Resource


Mole Station - Native Plant Nursery


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