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Project Partners
Celebrating Success 


Pittsworth District Landcare Association wishes to express their appreciation to all of the organisations, businesses, landholders, residents and individuals that have supported the Koalas In Our Backyards project. 


Since 2012, there has been

  • 3 Community Koala Surveys (total of 161 participants sighting 229 koalas)

  • 3 Tree Planting projects (84 landholders planting 6000 trees)

  • 30+ volunteers helping

  • 24 published articles in the Pittsworth Sentinel (at least!)

  • Flyers, newsletters, fact sheets, facebook and website material produced

  • 2 schools and scout group involved

Queensland Government

The Queensland Government provided substantial funding to the Koalas In Our Backyards project through the Everyone's Environment Grant program. The grant of $69,400 has supported the 2013, 2014, 2015 tree planting projects, volunteer support, distribution of the community koala survey, communication and education activities, and administration.



Condamine Alliance

Condamine Alliance's Adopt A Patch program contributed $5,000 funding toward the 2013 tree planting project as well as in-kind provision of technical support for site visits and advice.



Toowoomba Regional Council


The Toowoomba Regional Council's Community Environment Grants program provided $909.09 toward the 2013 tree planting project.



Pittsworth Businesses


A number of local businesses have continued to offer their support for the Koalas In Our Backyards project through donations, discounts and assistance. 


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