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Community Garden


About the Project


The Pittsworth Community Gardens is about getting people involved in their local environment, food, culture and community.  Growing our own food helps families and individuals have access to fresh, nutritious food that supports general health, and promotes physical fitness and well-being.


The Pittsworth Community Garden Group functions under the auspice of the Pittsworth District Landcare Association.  The Garden commenced development in 2013 with funding and support from a range of sources including local businesses, Toowoomba Regional Council, Condamine Alliance and the Queensland Government.





The Pittsworth Community Garden is a space and experience that offers Pittsworth residents the opportunity to learn, share knowledge and enjoy creating and growing a range of things using sustainable practices that also enhances our sense of community.





There are so many happening at the Community Garden.

  • Plant propagation, composting, worm farms and hens

  • Bush food, an orchard, and a range of fruit and vegetable beds

  • Ornamental garden art work

  • Play areas and lots of sensory stimulation


The gardeners apply permaculture principles.  This means our garden is water, energy and waste efficient that makes best use of our seasons and local environment, and our local knowledge and expertise.  

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