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Community Rescue


Community Awareness


Research, education and sustainable farming practices are essential to the survival of the Earless Dragon. 


Pittsworth District Landcare Association is passionate about the protection and survival of the endangered dragon.  From its early rediscovery, Landcare members have taken a lead role and interest in raising awareness and funds. 



Chocolate to the Rescue


You will see the earless dragon proudly illustrated on all things Pittsworth Landcare, from hats, shirts, sock guards, calendars, and of course their logo. However none have been more prominent than the iconic chocolate dragon.


Pittsworth District Landcare Association partnered with local confectioner, Heather Hanlon to produce chocolate dragons.  The cholcolate mould is now in retirement after producing hundreds of delicious dragons.  


The chocolate dragon sales raised the dragons’ profile and essential funds for further research and education on sustainable farming practices.


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