PhD student Kirilee Chaplin, QPWS Rod Hobson, Museum Victoria curator Dr Jane Melville, Pittsworth Landcare member Wayne Geissler

Project Partners


Pittsworth District Landcare Association wishes to express their appreciation to all of the organisations, businesses, landholders and individuals for your ongoing support to protect the Darling Downs Grassland Earless Dragon.


Since 2000

  • The Darling Downs Grassland Earless Dragon was rediscovered and has been declared endangered

  • 2 Unique species have been identified and named in Queensland - Tympanocryptis condaminensis and T.wilsoni 

  • Community fund raising supported the essential research

  • Partnerships with Museum Victoria, QPWS, QMDC, University of Queensland and the local community has been fundamental to progress made

  • Landholders and the community are more aware of the dragons and are actively helping their survival through management of threats



Key Partners


Dr Jane Melville, curator of reptiles andd amphibians of Museum Victoria, and assistants Kirilee Chaplin, Katie Smith and Sumitha Hunjan, together with Luke Shoo with the University of Queensland, have achieved monumental results from their research into the taxonomy of Grassland Earless Dragons in Queensland.


The ongoing research led by Museum Victoria will continue to build our knowledge of earless dragons and inform management actions for their survival.


Rod Hobson, ranger of Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service has dedicated considerable time toward field studies and investigation into the local dragons.  Rod has been a great supporter of Pittsworth District Landcare Association and instrumental to the research team.


Queensland Murray-Darling Committee, Alison Goodland
Local families, Halford's, Saal's and Wooldridge's
Landcare member, Wayne Geissler

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