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Grassland Earless Dragons




The Darling Downs Grassland Earless Dragons (GED) is a small, plump, spiny earless dragon lizard that grows to about 12 cm.  They are described as having a round head, short tail and pink mouth lining.  It is well camouflaged, with its colours ranging from reddish-brown to almost black, and thin pale stripes.  The chin and throat may be yellow and mabled with black.  


They get their name Tympancryptis (which means "hidden ear"), as scales cover their ears.  



Where Dragons Live


The Grassland Earless Dragons inhabit the deep clay soils of the Condamine River Plains.  In addition to grasslands (including roadside verges and headlands) they appear to have adapted to current cropping practices and have been found in sorghum and cotton crops in strip-cropping or minimum-till situations.


When disturbed they run quickly to hide at the base of grass tussocks, under crop stubble, or dive down cracks in the soil.

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