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Ambassador's Activities


2013 Activities


In 2013 Kate McIntyre and Georgia Holmes proudly wore their Landcare Ambassador badges. 


The girls were involved in assisting with the community tree planting project for the Koalas in Our Backyards program.  


They worked closely with the Earth Science and Agriculture Departments to care for 100 trees planted in the school grounds, coordinated a tree fundraising drive in partnership with Mole River Station Nursery, and purchased a new digital weather station with funding provided by Pittsworth Landcare to produce accurate data for studying rainfall, temperature and climate change issues.


Kate and Georgia actively encouraged other students to help deliver their environmental vision for the school, by creating native gardens, holding photographic competitions and assisting with the development of greenhouse propagation of both native and edible plants.


Kate and Georgia were delegates at 2013 State Landcare Conference held in Warwick.  They assisted prepare a Conference Abstract and had the opportunity to present to attendees about the Ambassador program, which sparked a lot of interest.  The students prepared a powerpoint presentation outlining their achievements for the year which they delivered at the Landcare AGM.


Kate McIntyre was honoured at her school speech night with the Helen Handbury Leadership award, a national award recognising community leadership.  See article


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