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High School Ambassadors


About the Program


The Pittsworth District Landcare Association supports a Landcare Ambassador program that encourages senior students from Pittsworth State High School to be actively involved in Landcare activities in their school and the wider community.  


The program offers Ambassadors the opportunity to work with community members of Landcare who have years of experience and are passionate about supporting our younger generations to get involved.  





In 2011 the Pittsworth District Landcare Association and Mount Tyson Landcare Group had a plan to encourage young people in the community to become actively involved in the Landcare movement in their area. 


The Mount Tyson Landcare Group had previously worked closely with the Mount Tyson Primary School, a feeder school for the High School.  It was a natural progression to redevelop the relationship at the High School.


The programme offers a bursary to two senior students at the school, usually one each from Year 11 and Year 12, to encourage them to actively promote and be involved in caring for the environment both in the school and the wider community.


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