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Landcare in the Pittsworth District


Pittsworth District Landcare Association and Mt Tyson District Landcare Group are a dynamic collection of farmers, land managers and people who are passionate about protecting the livelihoods, production capabilities and natural resources of the Darling Downs for future generations. 


We recognise the importance of tackling land management issues collectively and encourage neighbours working with neighbours to strengthen and grow our rural future while nurturing and preserving the ecosystems that make this area the highly productive and diverse region it is today. 


Formed in 1989, the groups’ prime objectives are to ensure long term, viable, quality production and share up to date information. 


We promote sustainable farming methods, share information on weed and pest animal identification and control, encourage the preservation of native vegetation and conservation of the local animals and their habitats and strive to maintain a strong social fabric by encouraging the wider community and schools to understand and support farming for the future.


We welcome you to our website and look forward to showing all our visitors the many innovative and educational incentives that we have achieved over the years as well as upcoming projects.

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